Welcome to B & S Research

We are the Research Company and developers of the Farm For Profit Sustainable Agriculture Program. For over 30 years we have developed a system that helps farmers manage their soil, balance the soil nutrition, control the use of chemicals, and significantly reduce the odor from farm animal waste. B & S Research uses farmer’s experiences and data to increase profits by cutting costs thus maintaining and increasing yields. It is a program of Farmers helping Farmers.

Our Program

Farm For Profit is the leader in Sustainable Agriculture through Bio-Remediation, which is the integration of natural microorganisms into the soil. It is a 4 step program which helps farmers:

  • Through soil management, we develop healthy soil
    with Agri – Achieve and Agri – Remedy
  • Balance nutrition with True Solution Starter Fertilizer
  • Reduce chemical rates with Farm For Profit Vegetable Oil
  • Through education and training to maximize success,
    which is Farmers helping Farmers
  • Reduce odor and increase pumpability of livestock waste
    with our Manure Liquefier
For more information on our products
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