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“Roots were 5 Times better..” Sustainable Agriculture

Posted on: September 25th, 2014

We periodically get letters or emails coming into our main office from farmers who want to let us know how we have helped them.  Farmers helping farmers and sustainable agriculture is what it’s all about. 

Dear Farm For Profit,

After talking to one of your distributors over the winter, I liked the idea of breaking down Petroleum build-up in the soil and using 60% less chemical rate–which also saves the chemical build-up to petroleum based chemicals.

The distributor came over several times this summer and we checked roots and soil hardness.  We found the roots were five times better where we used your products.  By observing the 160 acres where we used the 60% chemical rate, combined with the vegetable oil, these are the cleanest beans I have.  We literally saved a field of corn that was dying by foliar feeding one time.  We also noticed root hardiness came back and the field that held surface water was letting the water penetrate through the soil.

I will certainly be using this product again next year on more acres.

-Farm For Profit Farmer, Ohio