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Idaho Test Plot: Farmer cutting input cost by $75-100 per acre

Posted on: August 22nd, 2014

Just got a call from one of our Idaho distributors.  He met with a local dairyman this spring who is looking to find a cost effective way to grow corn silage for his cattle.  The farmer was putting in 3 ten acre test plots–which 10 of them were given to our distributor.  The 10 acres we were given was the worst out of the three– having the hardest and most toxic soil.  The 10 acres was double treated with Farm For Profit Agri-Remedy & Agri-Achieve with the addition of 3 gallons of 3-18-18 Fertilizer.

Last week our distributor got a call from his son who works for the dairyman.  He said, “You NEED to go out and look at the test plots.  Farm For Profit’s acres are winning by a long shot.  You just need to go see what is going on out there to believe it.”  So naturally, our distributor had to go and take a ride.

When he was driving up to the field, it was clearly obvious that our 10 acres of corn silage appeared to be really nice green, already 12-13′ tall, and very consistent throughout.  He went out into the field about 20-25 rows in with a spade.  When he dug into the soil, he said he found enough worms to go fishing for at least two days.  The corn ears were larger, along with nice healthy stalks.  No apparent pest problems and the silk looked good.

Our distributor then went to the 10 acres across the road where another test plot was planted.  The stalks were much shorter, noticeably more brown leaves at the bottom, ears were smaller, and it was apparent that there were signs of silk worms–which resulted in missing silk form many of the ears.  Being this field runs along our field, why didn’t we have signs of the silk worms?  When plants get the proper amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients–they are able to grow into healthy plants that have the natural ability to resist pests.  This is yet another sign of how healthy our corn really is.

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Before shot. April, 2014. 10 acre Idaho Test Plot 2014


Before shot. April 2014. Idaho Test Field. Very hard, toxic, and compact soil.

2014 Idaho Test Field

August, 2014. 12-13′ corn (silage). Nice consistent green, large ears, no apparent pest problems, and saving the farmer $75-100 per acre in input costs.

The dairyman’s fertilizer input costs are averaging around $200 per acre.  In our 10 acre plot, we were able to cut his costs by $75-100 per acre.  Our distributor will be conducting a field day in the upcoming weeks and will be taking more pictures with the hopes of getting this on video.  We are anxious to see how this turns out–stay tuned!!