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What are we about? Farm For Profit is a Sustainable Agriculture System

Posted on: August 5th, 2014

Occasionally the question arises, “What is ‘Farm For Profit’?” 

We are a sustainable agriculture program that aims to create healthier soils –that in turn, will grow nutritious food, which helps sustain the farmer.  In the last decade, the term ‘sustainability’ has become a very popular buzzword in terms of agriculture and industry.  Our program has emphasized the importance of sustainable agriculture long before it became the norm.  We believe that the farmer must be sustained, the water, soil, and air must be sustained, and the consuming public must be sustained.

The evolution of industrial agriculture which started back in the 1940’s with the introduction to pesticides and fertilizers to the present day norm of genetically engineered crops–has created very hard, compacted soils.  The more fertilizer and chemcials farmers use–the harder the soil becomes and the less water penetration which results in increased run-off and erosion.  Our goal is to get your soil back to the way they were in the 1940’s–before all the chemicals and fertilizers were used.

Our program encompasses soil management, plant nutrition, well-managed chemical rates, education, and training.  All life and nutrition starts in the soil.  If you have a well balanced soil, you get a well balanced product.  We aim to help farmers improve soil tilth, activate natural microbial activity, clean up toxicity, and improve soil structure.  You have to have organisms in the soil (i.e. bacteria, mites, fungus, etc.)–in order to have healthy soil.   Our Agri-Remedy & Agri-Achieve work together to do just that.  They not only remove the toxins from your soil from years of fertilizer and pesticide use, but will increase the sustaining soil microorganisms in the soil –which creates tilth for better root penetration.  Agri-Remedy & Agri-Achieve work in any type of soil–easy to use and cost-effective.

We also work with farmers on proper plant nutrition.  Using a starter fertilizer that contains a proper balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (3-18-18 True Solution) creates a quicker, deeper root system making seeds sprout and shoot up through the ground faster.  Sunlight is the most important nutrient, water is second, and additional nutrients are third.  Our True Solution is made up of pure phosphoric acid (H2PO4), potassium hydroxide (KOH), with the addition of 1-3 different kinds of nitrogen (dependent on the conditions and need).  Phosphorus enters plants as H2PO4 and potassium as KOH–which is what we use to make our True Solution Fertilizer.  Thus, you are giving the plants the perfect amount of fertilizer that they need and can uptake.

When it comes to reducing chemical usage, the aim is to use the smallest amount of pesticide as possible to control pests and weeds.  We use a special blend of vegetable oil to encapsulate the chemical.  This not only provides better control of the chemical, reduces pesticide drift, but also prevents chemicals from seeping onto the ground and water.  Many of our farmers have been able to reduce their pesticide usage by 25-80%–which means more money in their pocket.

Our program is simple, easy to use, cost-effective, and designed by farmers for farmers to create sustainability.  Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have at any time.  1-800-232-7693